How Do Some Women Manage to Keep Men Interested? True Secrets You Should Know Today

Attracting a man is a lot easier than making him remain interested in you-a lot of women have already proven this fact. If this remains to be your dilemma, then don’t fuss. There are many ways to have him pay attention:

It’s All About the Mystery
Mysteries are there to be unfolded and if you lack this aspect in your relationship, then you’re definitely done for. Men want to unlock information about you one step at a time and if you’ve got nothing left to give, then they’re go out and look for spice and adventure elsewhere.

Put a Lot of Effort in Being Attractive
Remember how his face lit up when he first met you at a party? Well, don’t lose that look on his face! You should do all you can to remain attractive for him-and for yourself. Your looks matter a lot in keeping him so dress up well, change your hair color, spray on a little perfume, and apply some makeup!

Be Your Own Person
Too many women commit the mistake of being too infused in the relationship, meaning, they slowly lose their identities and individualities all because they’re now going out with someone. So as not to fall to this same trap, make sure that you schedule a time for yourself-yes, away from him!

Bond with Him
Going out to watch movies or eating out isn’t the only option that you have when it comes to activities. There are lots more that you could do together such as going to a ball game with him, watching him do some moves on wakeboarding, or hiking with him. Don’t limit your imagination, let it wander and you are out to do great things as a couple!

Be Supportive
Guys hate manipulative women, so do just the opposite.. Guys love the idea of being in charge, and if you really have to share your views or ideas, then do it ever so gently so as not to trample on his masculinity

Welcome Change
Perhaps you’ve observed some things that didn’t work in your relationship; then try to change these things and do better. For instance, if you’re a very serious person, then try to loosen up a bit when he requests for it-there’s nothing wrong with this suggestion anyway.

Be Emotionally Stable
No man would stick to a woman who cries at the smallest concerns or who screams like there’s no tomorrow! Show your man that you are in control of your feelings. This doesn’t mean you can’t cry anymore-it only means that you have to be the master of your emotions. If you have to cry, do it in the privacy of your bedroom, not on the street!